Posted by: Bill Tracy | October 22, 2012

Lusting for Murder


The real Halloween ghouls this October are the Philadelphia area newspapers lusting for death. With every new report of another murder in Camden, NJ, the media is now frothing to report a new record. Every report highlights the old “record” year of 1995 when 58 human beings were violently killed in what is now this nation’s poorest city.

For instance, on October 14, Allison Steele of The Philadelphia Inquirer reports the death of Lateaf Anderson in Camden. Steele finishes with: “Anderson is the 51st murder recorded in Camden this year, one closer to the 1995 record of 58.” One closer; it drips with anticipation. What are records for, if not to be broken? Even the tragedy of murder has now become part of the sports mentality of this country. Scores must be kept. Records must be broken. We cannot allow death to stand in the way.

Murder Victim?

Perhaps this is the man who will break the record in Camden by being murder victim number 59. If so, the local newspapers want to talk with him, while he’s still alive that is.

Writing in the October 22 online edition of the Courier Post, Jim Walsh says, “Camden victim No. 59 almost a certainty.”

Anticipating the achievement, he says, “Somewhere in Camden, I’m afraid, someone’s walking around today on a path to the worst kind of celebrity. That person will end up on this newspaper’s front page, on TV news, on everyone’s lips.” He’s referring to the person whose death is number 59 in Camden for 2012 — truly a championship season! “Camden’s already logged 53 slayings in 2012…. And considering that 17 people were killed in November and December of last year, well, prepare to break out the balloons. The ones that float over sidewalk memorials.

“Meanwhile, I keep wondering, ‘Who will it be?’” Yes, who will it be? I get the sense Walsh would make a deal with the devil to get an interview with that person a week in advance of the killing. Maybe sit down with him for a comfortable hour in a local Starbucks? The Courier Post is buying — have anything you like! This will be a scoop like no other, probably Pulitzer material!

These media ghouls should be ashamed. Here are email addresses if you want to tell them so:

Jim Walsh:

Allison Steele:


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