Posted by: Bill Tracy | November 24, 2016

Grace and Gratitude

Grace is a joy unexpected and undeserved. Gratitude is the compassion of grace.
-Brilliant Bill


Gratitude on this Thanksgiving Day, 2016, recalling among the many graces…

Mary Ann Reilly. She has shown us how tragedy can be transformed to near ecstasy through grief and art and living brilliantly. A grace in the face of travails of this world.

Jonathan Irish & Stefanie Payne. They’ve shown us this year a world where photographic talent, first-rate equipment and adventuring travel can expose a world beyond imagination right in our own backyard. I’ve worried about them, but as the year ends I’m looking forward to what will surely be the finest book of U.S. National Park photography ever published. Even in commerce, we can sometimes find grace.

Love in action on the Court House steps

Love in action on the Court House steps

BLM for having the courage and intelligence to spotlight the epidemic of injustice against people oppressed by a class-based culture of privilege that fears genuine love. As Ammon Hennacy said, “Force is the weapon of the weak.” Grace is not always pretty or well received, but it always delivers truth.

School of Visual Arts in New York for their series of presentations on photographic art — and making them available to the great unwashed through You Tube. Art may be the first conduit of grace.

Amid dunes at Island Beach State Park, NJ

Amid dunes at Island Beach State Park, NJ

Finally, the gift of good photographic equipment and reliable transportation enabling me to pursue my own visual journey, regardless how odd, perverse or mundane it may sometimes appear to the few paying any attention. The grace of family.

Happy Thanksgiving to "the people."

Happy Thanksgiving to “the people.”


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