Since California is broke and can no longer pay me to help rehabilitate prison inmates and their families, I create photographic images with some of my newly available time. I believe photographs are important. That’s why this is the only other page on a writer’s Web log.

Bee at sunflowerI’ve loved photography most of my life. The sense of power I feel at stopping time in a particular instant provides some antidote for my ever-present feeling of powerlessness as a prisoner of time. Like water rushing to the sea, the world cascades on and nothing we do can stop it or even much slow it down. A picture, for me, at least provides a tiny time out, an all too brief respite from onrushing time. Last summer I took a picture of a married couple, and the picture tells me things I am too slow to see through this rush of time. The husband stands behind his wife (and is out of focus) watching as she interacts with a vendor at a farmer’s market. The love he has for his wife just pours forth in this image, and yet in our “real world,” it was too fast and fleeting to be seen — at least by me.

As photographers go, I’m not a great one and never will be. I have a solid grounding in the technologies and the art, but greatness is not in me. My pictures, in my opinion, are utilitarian and technically competent renditions of time standing still. If I can capture some small irony or an emotion or a good contradiction, that’s great, but it’s not always there. I guess my general goal is evidence of things not seen.

Angels Camp Farmer's MarketWhile I will point a lens at anyone or anything, (within legal constraints) my emerging first love is the candid portrait. There is an old proverb, “The eyes are the windows of the soul.” I don’t know where it originated, but I believe it absolutely. I also think this is the essence of so-called primitive peoples believing the camera steals your spirit. It doesn’t take away your spirit, but the picture may bare the soul, at least for an instant. That intimacy is overwhelming for some people. The camera is a tool I can use to perhaps illustrate that intimacy. For me, it’s that pursuit of happiness we claim title to in this country.

Rather than cycling pictures through this page I’m going to use it as a link to my photo site. There I have over 3000 pictures now. Many are old family pictures that are not publicly viewable. Older pictures are all scans of prints or slides. The newest pictures are the work of digital cameras, for the most part. I am playing with some old film cameras just for the historical perspective — and maybe to keep in practice with a fading technology.

In no particular order, here is a listing of public galleries (and links to them) at Tracy’s Shooting Gallery:

Portrait — pictures of people [75 images]

Public Places — mostly people in public places [85 images]

Bay Area — San Francisco and environs [37 images]

Calaveras County — images of Calaveras County, CA. [220 images]

Angels Camp — the city of Angels Camp, CA. [125 images]

Frogs of Calaveras — the frog is iconic of Calaveras County, CA [40 images]

Schoolhouse — the historic Altaville Schoolhouse in Angels Camp, CA [75 images]

Amador — Amador County, CA [60 images]

Gold Country — probably redundant coverage of the 1849 “Gold Rush” area.

Socal — a few scenes from southern CA. [45 images]

Alone — a gray or digger pine sits atop a 1700-foot hill near Paloma, CA. I’m somewhat obsessed with it. [25 images — so far]

Philly — Pennsylvania images in and around Philadelphia [26 images]

ESP — Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, now a penology museum [50 images]

Shore — Atlantic City to Cape May, NJ [21 images]

Not Shore — New Jersey, excluding the coast [27 images]

Utah — scenic Utah [56 images]

Midwest — scenes around the U.S. midwest [26 images]

DC — Washington, DC [10 images]

Arizona — hot images of a beautiful state [18 images]

Virginia — where I lived nearly 10 years [43 images]

North West — Pacific Northwest area [29 images]

Maryland — the state where I was born [only 4 images]

New England — mostly Walden Pond [only 6 images]

Southeast — the U.S. South [20 images]

Plant Life — mostly flowers and their attending insects [90 images]

Trees — the larger plants [70 images]

Scapes —  traditional landscape shots [50 images]

Ferries — I like taking ferry rides [45 images]

Cruise Mexico — a cruise I once took along the “Mexican Riveria” [60 images]

Perfect Storm — the so called “Perfect Storm” of 1991 [27 images]

Stormy — weather worth looking at [18 images]

Skies — sometimes it’s good to look up [30 images]

Winter — mostly snow [8 images]

Two Wheels — motorcycles & bicycles [40 images]

Trucking — trucks and a few of the people I encountered in that world [50 images]

Vehicles — mostly cars I’ve owned or had something to do with [12 images]

Interiors — not a Woody Allen movie. I’m fascinated by what people have inside their cars [only 2 images so far]

Auto Miscellany — interesting automotive things I come across [50 images]

Shows — pictures from car & truck shows (vehicles and people) [60 images]

Tracy Mary — the Mary L. Tracy school in Orange, CT (named for my Great Aunt) [7 images]

Chilton — the company and people I worked with 1977-84 [20 images]

Churches — pictures of churches [75 images]

CW — the Catholic Worker experience [31 images]

FONO — pictures of a Friends Outside training meeting at the Queen Mary Hotel, Long Beach, CA [17 images]

Gethsemane — the Trappist Monastery in Kentucky where Thomas Merton did his thing [23 images]

TEA Party — an event I witnessed in Angels Camp, CA, April 15, 2010 [88 images]

TEA Faces — portraits of people attending the TEA Party event in Angels Camp, CA [96 images]

Events — people and activities at public events [120 images]

Cemeteries — a new gallery for cemetery images of all sorts [50 images]

Halloween — the best fall holiday, at least visually [50 images]

Winter Holidays — Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. [60 image]

Specials — intended for the best pictures although not very effective so far [15 images]

New Improved — intended for the newest pictures, not well done so far [20 images]

Odd — mostly a miscellaneous, catch all gallery [33 images]

What The — things that make you wonder [30 images]

Concours Ironstone — scenes of the Ironstone Concours d’Elegance [165 images]

Ironstone — the winery at Murphys, CA [15 images]

Sierras — a quick dash through Yosemite and California Sierra country, November 2010, just before the snows descended [50 images]

The Pets — mostly dogs, a cat wandered in, a couple of horses [75 images]

Artsy Crafty — not quite Art, but on the right path, I guess [25 images]

Games — game related, but I do like baseball [10 images]

Preston — the “Preston Castle,” centerpiece of Preston School of Industry, where youthful offenders learned to be good California citizens [60 images]

Runnemede — the little southern New Jersey town where I grew up [30 images]

Air Show — aircraft and other technology at air shows [60 images]

Not Air Show — aircraft-related not at air shows [15 images]


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