Known Past Positions (All Posts)

This Web log is not easy to navigate; seems ironic to me. Past posts seem to get buried and are not easily accessible. So, this is a listing of all past entries and links to them. Order is chronological from the beginning.

The Uppity Course [12/11/09] A little explanation of what this is all about. In academic terms, “required reading.”

Book Review [12/12/09] Prison Transformations.

Afraid of Ourselves? [12/15/09]  The challenges of solitude.

A Mouse That Soared [12/19/09] Perhaps death is just transformation.

The Heart of Childhood [12/23/09] What is this thing called Christmas?

Jerry Has a Neighbor [12/31/09] New Year transformations.

Leave Things  Be [1/03/10] Be still, and know…

A Dark Side? [1/9/10] Naive perceptions?

The Child’s Mind [1/13/10] Perceptions of children.

A Generation to End All Generations? [1/19/10] The myth of the “greatest generation.”

Web Log As Family History [1/22/10] Family heritage in the Internet world.

Enduring Mysteries [1/27/10] Questions without answers.

Oh, Grow Up! [1/30/10] Children pretending to be adults.

Irritatingly Right [2/4/10] The wonder of Ammon Hennacy.

Happy Birthday? [2/7/10] Boy Scout values.

Transforming Power [2/14/10] The power within.

Wise Elder or Old Fogy? [2/18/10] Respecting life and food.

Cong or Hippies? Choices We Give Our Young [2/23/10] Deciding to go to war.

Truth Will Set Us Free [3/5/10] How not to live a lie.

The Families of Mudville [3/12/10] Baseball is a family thing.

Don’t Mess with God Walmart [3/20/10] Power and fear encounter immaturity.

Useful in Time [3/31/10] Review, This Book Is Overdue! by Marilyn Johnson.

Death or Potatoes? A TEA Party [4/17/10] What a TEA Party event really looks like.

TEA Faces [4/21/10] Faces of people politically aroused.

Hold the Cheese, Please [4/28/10] Prisons, the quick and easy answer when we don’t care enough.

And How Are the Children? [5/15/10] We slaughter children in our streets instead of protecting them.

Bedpans for Blumenthal [5/31/10] A Connecticut politician soils himself.

Good, and Good for You [6/6/10] A farmer’s market in Angels Camp, CA.

BP Is Us [6/30/10] We soil our earthly home.

Parents, Not Pigs [7/27/10] Corporation exploits children, families and animals.

The Old Country [8/23/10 We nurtured out youth in the fifties; today we brutalize them.

August Sun [8/30/10] Castles, hurricanes, gatherings — and other time warps define summer’s waning days.

The Road to Twisted [9/18/10] A local winery provides one of California’s best little road trips.

Not Your Father’s Car Show [9/28/10] Wow, a local winery uses cars to take us back to more beautiful times.

October Splendor [10/3/10] The very best month, hands down. Here’s why.

Faith. Hope. Success? [10/24/10] The California Department of Corrections and not Rehabilitation FINALLY tells families where they hide prisoners.

That Girl Next Door [11/10/10] Perhaps the oldest remaining one-room schoolhouses in California — right here!

Got Hunch? [11/30/10] What ever happened to a healthy uncertainty?

How History Gets Distorted [12/20/10] The good news story in a bad place; it should be told.

The Real George Bailey [12/24/10] A good man among us.

Guns Or Children — Which Do You Love? [2/9/11] How do we end the addiction to handguns?

My Name Is [3/14/11] The joy of dance!

The Johnstone Matter: The Improbable Case of a Public Enigma [5/14/11]  The overlooked heart of the Golden Age of Radio.

The Most Perfect Day in the World [6/27/11] What was your most perfect day?

Wonder and Recollection [9/14/11] Two roads diverged…I could not travel both.

Dignity and Witness and Occupy [10/20/11]  The resistance occupies our psyche.

Taken From Us? [11/10/11]  Death will not take our loved ones from us if we keep their memories alive.

Takin’ It to the Streets [5/20/12] Annual street fair (cars, crafts, cycles and folks) in Mount Ephraim, NJ.

I Never Went Back [5/20/12] Meet a stranger, and find out where God is not.

Shoot Me, Instead [9/12/12] Leave the young innocents to live their lives — if you must shoot, shoot me instead. Gun slaughter is now in our national character.

Lusting for Murder [10/22/12] Trashy newspaper writing exploits death in Camden, NJ.

Joy to the World [12/24/12] Easy to say, but what is joy, really — and where do you find it?

Tossing the Garden Out of the Garden State [2/16/13] Tragic irony as the “Garden State” of New Jersey kills the beautiful Camden Children’s Garden.

PTSD and Potatoes [2/19/13] How do you deal with Potato Traumatic Stress Disorder?

At the Plantation Door [2/22/13] Misunderstood street demonstration in Philadelphia, PA.

Reach Ruin, or Not? [3/1/13] Art criticism?

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